DÉFI CHÂTEAU MONTEBELLO - 2018 edition, September 30 at 10am

Posted on september 30, 2018

The event DÉFI DU CHATEAU MONTEBELLO will celebrate its 6th edition. For 2018, the activity will be held  on September 30th and will be organized by the Club De Marche les 1000 pas,  in collaboration with the recipient organization: L'Atelier FSPN.

Le DÉFI DU CHATEAU MONTEBELLO  will be held in the log cabin (municipal building)  and will turn into a walk on the trails (2 courses of 5 km for a total of 10 km, or for those who want only 5 km) of Le Château Montebello.

The advertising aspect will be entirely the responsibility of the organizations involved (not les 1000 pas).

There will be no mandatory fee for registration; However, when registering on-line, you may opt to donate an amount from 0$ to 25$. Participants can register on line or on site before departure and for those who have not provided their donation on-line can do so at that time.



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